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This review may contain spoilers.

Hiding in plain sight and issues under the rug, the face of a person only concealing more of an act. Everything has been a lie, so that the lie is the truth and the home that we take and keep.

I've never been invested in Fincher films. They seem far away and impersonal, something meant for someone else. Most of the time, this did as well. But the conclusion of the story is one that I'm a sucker for. As in Phantom Thread, relationships run aground and then begin to feed off abuse and harm and deceit. When it's what you've known, where else can you go? I'm a pessimist, and so I love that kind of ending.
This is just a flawlessly paced film. Rosamund Pike rides on a wave of darkness through shrinking windows of increasing tension. I got no work done today because I decided to pick this one up. It demands your attention. It requires you to listen. And though the story wasn't personal, not at all, at the end I still felt a mild and repulsing attraction to Ben Affleck.
And in the end isn't that what this movie's all about?

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