Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Looney Tunes: Back in Action ★★★★


"Sell all my Warner Brothers stock! I got an inside tip that Bugs Bunny's about to die!"

I haven't laughed *this hard* in quite a bit of time. This packs so much raw cinematic energy and relentlessly vigorous, balls-to-the-wall bonkers imagination within the span of a logistics-free ninety minutes that it simultaneously obliterates and supersedes every other film ever conceived; a live-action & animated extravaganza which not only loves itself upon all of its wacky eccentricities and self-aware manipulations, but one that also maintains the glorious audacity to terrorize each one of its earnest frames - no matter how overelaborate the gag-to-gag, location-to-location schematic becomes. It's a tragedy that Joe Dante has dismissed the film because of the significant studio interference (which can be looked up online; I'd love to edit back in the plethora of deleted scenes one day, despite the animation being unfinished). But regardless of the missing material that would make this a masterpiece, I love this so bloody much. Everybody say thank you to Joe Dante, and to everyone who let this film bomb seventeen years ago and killed this franchise, I promise I will find you. Anyway, if you don't like this, please unfollow me... I'm afraid you just hate cinema. Shout-out to Jerry Goldsmith for a wonderful final score; may he rest in peace.

"There are some aspects of the script that need work. There's no heart, no cooperation, no one learns anything..."

"Daffy learns not to stick his head in a jet engine."

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