Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★½


"May the rest of our lives be the best of our lives."

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again positions pure joy during an arduous time which could always use the additional benefit of singing into the night for both the young and the old. An eloquent heart of finding the right tunes for those who truly need it underneath the most fiendish of problems, telling you to place worthwhile ambitions aside so that another loved one's dreams may flourish in place. The best of who we can be now allowing time to pass by, as shown through the intelligently linked transitions, and growing old between each euphoric laugh and smile. Everything falls into sync with soaring meaning and thus leaves space for those who simply come and go. Music being the instant emotional connection to lighten even the rainiest of days. To remember their special beauty (those lost) like an image passing by. Yet atop all the ghostly radiant warmth, delectable pleasures, and lingering hope set around the sun, here's to meaning what we say before the voices fade... and then when we're gone.

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