The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★


"Excuse me, preacher. You got time for a sinner?"

If anything, the limited nature of its sordid bleakness and violence - caught within the admirable idea of a southern Gothic - never becomes relentless, harrowing, or sinister enough to deflect from the lack of exploration into the cyclical & generational roots of religious fanaticism; whether that includes its fascinations, the conceptualization of violence, or the end result of ever-growing corruption and mayhem. Not to say that it doesn't fare as a tolerable adaptation of a novel that has been described as punishing and brutal; the film simply concludes upon an aggregation that feels regressive and pointless, leaving behind the caricature of hateful emptiness - via not having anything to say, and offering the characters a non-existent interiority. Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson try their best.

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