• Heaven Knows What

    Heaven Knows What


    "Do you want a fucking key in your eye?"

    Cinematic re-creation, made physiological; life as is. Into the hazy subjective: individual, perpetual cycles of abuse and addiction as they extend to the uncanny drugging of late-capital reality, where love and people and ideas are rendered catastrophic the second they drift away / are lacerated from an open space - as with the segregation of abject poverty in major cities. The formal social documentary interlinked with an experiential, real expressionism that…

  • Black Book

    Black Book


    "Everyone has unknown depths."

    A film intrinsically inhabited by psychological complications of self-preservation and sustaining identity against fascist occupation, by Jews violently struggling to endure the bodily and mental transactions of surviving Nazi occupation, that concludes with the creation of the Israeli military. In which Verhoeven merges a psychosexual Hitchcockian espionage thriller with a momentous, vividly perverse WWII historical drama; one which taps into the grey, intricate moral arcs of its inhabitants as much as it invests into their identity-mangling…

  • Every Man for Himself

    Every Man for Himself


    "We want to touch, but we only bruise each other."

    Autocritique as worldly decomposition, then of commercial cinema. The absurd consumerism/systems of power between us all, in rampant commerce of sexuality and every frame of our personal transactions; how tragic, how amusing, whereas we're all made whores under capital. A collective desire to not think; men rendered childish, for they were deprived of a childhood. Conditioned behavior, as with the patriarchal attractions forced unto a man seeking a woman, exists as commodification, subconsciously or otherwise; like a predator and its victim, an owner and its worker. Two women, however, progress forward. Even in slow motion...

  • Lions Love

    Lions Love


    "I hate every form of entertainment, including living."

    Hippie hangout session; LA time capsule from an outsider. Plastic or fake, Varda loves to play around with the moment.

  • The Sweet East

    The Sweet East


    "Everything's a joke to you."

    The most underexposed component of living in a socially fucked, declining capitalist empire: all the vibes are always off... I don't really buy into a lot of the thuddingly obvious satire and signifiers here - via unleveled caricatures of different American extremists amid a range of subcultures - but I wouldn't say it's all that inflammatory either. At its best, it's an accurate and semi-frequently incisive depiction of the American contemporary (as with the interests…

  • Lisa Frankenstein

    Lisa Frankenstein


    "All the kids are doing it."

    They had $2 and a dream. Really just found this to be quite stale and unfunny; it mostly plays like a Disney Channel cosplay episode (it's certainly directed like one), but alas, I will forever remain a Carla Gugino supporter. I've never seen Riverdale, but this seems like what that is. I do recommend everyone to go and watch Frankenhooker (1990)...

  • The Nun

    The Nun


    "I will be lost here and I hope to be saved in the world."

    Mental games and chains: violence can be justified any way you like, beneath the spoken name of any faith or perception or vision or God... so much we don't understand, so many cages we're not allowed to dream outside of. We survive the modern world through layers and layers of coded behavior and performance, yet we still wonder why countless people don't know who they are.…

  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    "Long live the fighters."

    As with the initial film: vehemently opulent, vast minimalism unraveled upon the painterly, if mechanical stage of a colossal blockbuster scale (to which no champion of maximalism, such as I, should ignore the potential joys there-in!) - and naturally, this carries greater value amid a landscape of the artless and the anti-engineered. Villeneuve's unrelenting possession of tonality - via the profound oppression within/by his boundless negative spaces, his unbroken commitment to a brooding range of tonal…

  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure

    Pee-wee's Big Adventure


    "Can you remember anything?"

    "I remember... the Alamo."

    Always funny; Looney Tunes for life. Pee-wee Herman cannot die, as evidenced by how no enemy has ever succeeded against him. Mr. T Cereal and Godzilla. So full of life...

  • Flesh + Blood

    Flesh + Blood


    "Let's see if this angel bleeds."

    Conquest viscera: apocalypse and death and rape and depraved bloodlust and cynical evils unto pursuit of wealth and satanic hierarchies of power and violent pillaging and church corruption and hellfire and Black Death and anti-heroes and mangled carcasses and perpetual suffering and medieval mercenaries and some funny gags and anything to survive.

  • The Battle of Algiers

    The Battle of Algiers


    "You just have to pull the trigger..."

    The spaces between us; the chains which divide. A camera watching from afar, from behind the chains, from within the reflection; the broken, fascist lives that must be slaughtered to attain liberation... what a waste, a necessitation of violence to end violence; a tragedy amid a world of ungodly injustice, yet to bring about its end is still to implement perpetually less violence than the collective of the lives that must exist beneath…

  • The Sweet Hereafter

    The Sweet Hereafter


    "Something's happening that's taking our children away."

    Untethered in shared grief, amid white landscapes of dreamic snow; so many different perspectives, uniting past and future into present history. Accept that we may never know the truth, in both life and ourselves; accept that we all join the dead eventually. With so much tragedy in the world, pretending otherwise becomes a collective force of "survival" - and yet, how can anyone be expected to find themselves? Is it more tragic when there's nobody to blame? Ice breaks so easily, dying for no reason at all.