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  • Solaris



    Really great idea but hidden among fogs!
    Fogs of silence and over-symbolizing. Scenes are full of signs referencing out of screen. We are at museum? Or crime scene? Or philosophy class?
    Some people says it’s deep like the ocean, but i think it’s Obscure and misty like the Swamp.
    You can find many things there because it’s Ambiguous, and In fact you find what you want. This vague Solaris atmosphere makes your imagination. But is it real?!
    -Super Slow pacing draws…

  • Klaus



    From the moment movie begins you predict every thing but want to see moment by moment of it!
    You now WHAT happens but want to see HOW happens! And this is cinema.

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  • Maskhare Baz

    Maskhare Baz

    ‏⁧‫مسخره باز‬⁩ بهترین فیلم از وضعیت روشنفکری قلابی ایران است:
    ‏بی زمان و بی مکان،
    ‏اسم کاظم و عشق کازابلانکا،
    ‏نه ایرانی و نه غیر ایرانی و نه هیچ کجایی،
    ‏پر از ادا و ادعای شاهکارهای غرب و ناتوان حتی در کپی،
    ‏بی جامعه و هپروتی،
    ‏کدهای بی ربط و تهی از معنا،
    ‏هیچ چیز جز یه ⁧‫مسخره باز‬⁩

  • The Departed

    The Departed


    Really Best cast but Needs some alpachino!