Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

I went into this with really low expectations, because I know the murder mystery genre. I know the tropes, I know the reveals, I know how pigeonholed it can get. But this surprised me. 

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) takes the traditional “whodunnit” and spins it into a present-day, comedy-filled, self-reflective, social-commentary-filled, drug-trip. I was worried that it would tread a tightrope of being too on-the-nose to the point that it was “cringey” (Don’t Look Up (2021), cough cough) and being too recent that it would be “cringey”. It somehow held a mirror up to what we all do today in a manner that didn’t feel exactly that, “cringey”. I was impressed, to say the least. Granted, that won’t be the case for some people who view this film but I rather enjoyed a lot of the comedy in here. And so did the audience I watched it with. I actually miss theater experiences like this. The entire theater laughing at something happening onscreen, and enjoying an experience together, an almost connection between each pair of eyes staring up at the projected images. Speaking of images, for the most part this film takes place in the dark… and it’s beautiful. All of the illumination, whether it come from glow-sticks, flashlights, or phone screens, was visually appealing. And to then paint those images against a completely dark setting is spectacular. So, props to the lighting and cinematography department on that one. I really don’t have much else to say except to see this film. The ideas in here are ingenious and it never fails to keep you guessing like a good murder mystery should, as well as giving you a few moments to breathe and laugh, and I can quickly see this becoming a new cult classic very, very soon. I know, at least for me, this could be a fun guilty pleasure like Clue (1985). Highly recommend. 

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P.S. Because I, my friends, am an AAA24 member, I got to see this for free. Bow before me. Grovel on your knees. I also got to bring her with me— Because I, my friends, am a Regal Unlimited member, so I bought her ticket for free. She said this was good. And she laughed a lot. I love her laugh.

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