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  • Red Heat
  • Juice
  • High Rise
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  • Repo Man

    Repo Man


    Repo Man is by far, my favourite film of all time. It just stands out so hard as a little oddball, but is a stunningly beautiful and competent feature for such a high dosage of strange. I've never seen a film like it, even within Alex Cox's other filmography, and I doubt I ever will. I first saw Repo Man on VHS when I was around eight years old. My dad had a mess of a boat he was forever…

  • Django



    All I see is anti-fascist subtext these days.

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  • Our Popcorn Movie Dystopia - SOME MORE NEWS: THE MOVIE

    Our Popcorn Movie Dystopia - SOME MORE NEWS: THE MOVIE


    Wow, real comprehensive video essay/dramedy, analysing the zeitgeist of America through a pop-culture lens. But like, better than every other video that does that. I think this is really worth watching during these wild times and definitely impressed me far more than I was expecting from a two hour and fifteen minute video essay. If you have any fond memories of Super Mario Bros. The Movie then I would say viewing this is essential.

    I know the runtime looks a…

  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream

    Complete shit.

    While a technically competent feature, this is just one, drawn out, PSA against "drugs" in general.

    The depiction of drug users and sex workers is trash. The weird mondo vibe in this is unsettling too, and not in an artsy way, but some exploitation newsreel kinda soft-Faces of Death kinda shit.

    If I needed a lecture on drugs and sex being bad I'd go watch an episode of 7th Heaven, save myself an hour and fifteen minutes, maybe…