Tenet ★★★★★

round 6. and i couldn’t be more in awe of this movie. and i cried. actually tears. 
saw this in a dolby cinema with a couple of friends today, and once again, i’m just completely dumbfounded and at a loss for words.
i’m actually pretty glad that it’s been two weeks since i’ve last seen this, it gave me some time to think about the movie (and study, for that matter), and to read THE SCREENPLAY!!! i FINALLY understand what the characters are saying during pivotal moments, and, once again, a lot of things clicked into place. 
i paid a lot more attention to the cinematography today, and so many scenes gave me actual chills. the combination of göransson’s otherworldly soundtrack and van hoytema’s stunning cinematography is apparently too much for me to handle; add john david, rob and elizabeth (who are not only attractive as hell, but) whose performances take this movie to a whole other level, and i’m basically lying on the floor. 
i’ve never mentioned this before, at least not explicitly, but even though i had a few issues with the editing throughout the film, the cross cutting and editing during the last 30 minutes was absolutely marvelous, and couldn’t have been done any better, at least in my eyes. 
like i said in my previous reviews, i understand why some people don’t like tenet, and even though i feel like my view is sort of an “unpopular opinion”, i couldn’t be happier that i’ve seen this film as many times as i have. while it does have its shortfalls, and it is a bit of a departure from some of nolan’s previous work, at its core, it’s nolan at his finest. mind-bending, bold and unmatched filmmaking. 

and thank you so much for 500 followers guys!! i’m honestly so grateful that there are people who actually read my reviews and i’m just so thankful that i’ve gotten to know so many of you wonderful folks and incredibly talented writers on here! <3

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