Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

Scream is one of, if not my favorite horror franchise of all time. For that reason, my expectations were pretty high and this film met a lot of them for the most part. This is the sixth entry in this franchise so having it take place in a city instead of a small town was a wise decision. A change of setting is refreshing, especially if you’re binging these movies. I also liked how this film explores how the rest of the world would interpret the events of the previous film. Since Sam has serial killer blood in her, people are less trusting of her and theories begin to circulate that she faked the events of the previous film. That idea was clever to me because it feels consistent to the events of the previous film while also feeling realistic to the real world. 

It’s also nice to see Kirby again. She was a standout character in Scream 4 so getting to see her come back was cool. There’s also multiple ways in which this film turns the templet this franchises uses on its head. The cold open in particular was really clever and is a standout in this franchise. In general, this was a fun film that delivered what I want in a Scream film. I was having fun with the mystery and the kills so I was entertained from beginning to end. 

Most of my negatives I have for this film come from the last half. When you get to the last half, you suddenly begin to have characters surviving certain things that they shouldn’t be surviving. Multiple characters get absolutely gutted with a knife but they still survive somehow. This means that more main characters survive this film than most slasher films which wasn’t satisfying to me. Jenna Ortega’s character in particular is stabbed at least twice in the third act but she’s still running around, fighting Ghostface as if nothing happened. I still enjoyed this film a lot and am looking forward to Scream 7 but the last half wasn’t as good as the first half. Some of these characters need to start dying in the next film, however.

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