Us ★★½

I'm kind of in the middle with this one. After seeing Get Out, I was left incredibly surprised at how talented and original Jordan Peele is as a filmmaker; it truly left an impression on me. Now, with his second feature film, Us I was left extremely dissatisfied.
Jordan Peele came up with a brilliant idea, but couldn´t a way to create a plot, characters, and aesthetic that could complement that idea. So,
we´re left off with an extremely bland movie were I´m constantly thinking, "man, what a great film this could´ve been."
Lupita Nyong´o was good with the material she was given and the unpolished vision Jordan Peele had for the film. Much of the dialogue was constant exposition, on-the-nose lines, and lifeless interactions.
Much of the cinematography was exactly what you expect from a bland horror film, low key lighting, mid-shots, close-ups, and high and lows, with the exception of that one use of split-diopter.
Us was just a,` what could´ve been movie´, an interesting idea, but with a delivery that doesn´t compliment that idea.

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