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  • Michel Over There

    Michel Over There


    i feel deep connections and disconnections with the homeland. the later probably way deeper. in spite of affection and need for it. and its/your people, become dark cloaked shadows walking behind you, as you step deeper unto it, your whole skin plunge deep into its earth, you try to become one with it, but it's in vain cause you're already a stranger, so you scatter yourself apart, so that your parts make a whole of the earth, but you don't…

  • Return of an Adventurer

    Return of an Adventurer


    the cinematography in this is impeccable.
    using tropes of american genre cinema as meta-textual criticism of the glorification of the cowboy figure, that became not a symbol of colonial power, but of brutal macho entertainment. therefor, it's interesting that the filmmaking manages to avoid (most) american visual and narrative conventions. very enjoyable to watch.

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  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    did none or them need to take a dump during that long-ass night? y’all are obsessed with one setting real time filmmaking and it has to be air-tight cause that’s the good shit. we need to be able to make youtube videos pin-point the exact moment of a 24-hour cycle when a specific moment happens with a nice little ticking clock at the top right corner of the screen and we can gaze in awe about how tight that good…

  • Speechless



    i sure am

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