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  • The honer's Shame

    The honer's Shame


    مش عارف ده الريوتش الكام الحقيقة
    بس ده سيناريو واخراج لازم يتدرسوا لأي حد عايز يبقي صانع افلام شاطر
    الثلاثي المبهر نور ومحمود وحسين فهمي مع العظيمين المظلومين عبد البديع العربي وامينة رزق
    كل العوامل دي خلقت فيلم متكامل اسمه العار

  • Vertigo



    No caption needed ♥

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  • Midsommar



    There's nothing to say better than martin scorsese's words about this amazing work of art :

    A couple of years ago, I watched a first film called Hereditary by a director named Ari Aster. Right from the start, I was impressed. Here was a young filmmaker that obviously knew cinema. The formal control, the precision of the framing and the movement within the frame, the pacing of the action, the sound — it was all there, immediately evident.

    But as…

  • Hereditary



    A very wonderful terrific masterpiece