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  • It's Such a Beautiful Day
  • Il Posto
  • This Is Not a Film
  • Alexandria Again and Forever

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  • The Swan

  • Birth

  • The Others

  • The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

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  • The Swan

    The Swan

    WTF? Both the darkest thing Wes ever made and yet his most distant, as we see very little of what actually happened and for "interesting" emotional results

  • Birth


    What if Kubrick made "Past Lives" (2023)

    Watched it after "The others" expecting another horror movie, which it technically isn't, it's something much more haunting and heavy. Leaves you both speechless and very eager to talk about it, but I will choose the former, cause I don't want to spoil anything, and because I am tired

Popular reviews

  • It Must Be Heaven

    It Must Be Heaven


    Bong Jon Hoo: We all live under one big country ,called cApITaliSm (He actually said that)

    Letterboxd ,Cannes and the Oscars: OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CUM! PARASITE IS THE BEST FILM OF ALL TIME!!!!

    Elia Suliman: All countries are turning into Palastine (This brings up interesting observations and comparisons between different countries)

    The rest of the world: Soooo... You are Jehadi Roy Andersonn?

  • The Metamorphosis of Birds

    The Metamorphosis of Birds


    I think I can describe it in words. But I won't try to