• A New Life

    A New Life

    Grandrieux is in the same league as Apichatpong. 21st century filmmakers with their totally unique cinematic languages and worlds. You can compare this film to Lynch or Gasper Noe, but this is a Grandrieux film, and a pretty abstract one (way more than "Un Lac" and "Sombre") it's not "complex" but rather a simple story that's like a seed from which an abstract nightmare is born. A dark canvas in which he draws with an ambient soundtrack, loud primitive human…

  • One Hundred and One Nights

    One Hundred and One Nights


    An aging old man who's losing his grip on reality lives alone in an old mansion, he hires a woman to "tell him stories", to make him "Travel the world while in his wheelchair. also, There's a subplot about people trying to steal all of his fortune.
    Sounds bleak? well, the man is called Mr. Cinema, and the film is in fact a farcical maximalist love letter to Cinema, think "The French Dispatch" but every weird stylistic choice is a…

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    Didn't "Bergman Island" like... just came out? How did they remake it that fast? Seems like time goes faster when you get older.
    This movie is amazing.
    2021 ranked:

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    The Tragedy of Macbeth

    تجربة اسلوبية مثيرة للاهتمام. فيلم مش بيغير في قصة ماكبث ولا بيحطها في زمن تاني ولا حتي بيبسط اللغة الكثيفة بتاعت حوارات شكسبير, بل اظن انه بيحكي القصة بشكل اقتصادي بيخش في الموضوع علطول ومش بيزود. طب انت مغيرتش القصة ولا الحوار بل اختصرتها, امال هدف الفيلم ايه؟ هي "تجربة اسلوبية", يعني لو حبيت اوصف اللي الفيلم بيعمله هنا هقول انه "بيحط الماضي فوق الماضي علشان يعمل حاجة خارج اطار الزمن في هجين اسلوبي فريد" يعني…

  • Eternals



    DC Fans: Release the Synder Cut
    2021: What about 2 of it?

  • Berberian Sound Studio

    Berberian Sound Studio


    One of the strongest and most brilliant atmospheres of a film ever. Not really a horror film, but a look behind the curtains of horror films, as most of (or all?) of the film takes place in the sound mixing studio. I haven't been that hypnotized by a film since watching "Performance". It's interesting that a modern film still can still show you how Cinema is a great magic trick of sounds and visuals. A film both low-key yet maximalist.…

  • Censor



    "Knife + heart" is like this, but a bit better
    The "Slow burn" A24 descend into madness and losing your mind part didn't work for me at all and felt amateurish, But I REALLY liked it when it exploded and let loose. The third act is joyfully blunt, stylish, effectively creepy and delivers on it's restraint and build up, While tying it's story of trauma (The only thing modern horror seems to try to do) and it's commentary on "Movies vs violence vs censorship

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel


    Between this and "Annette", Adam Driver has been part of two of the (if not the) greatest climaxes of the year. Seriously, that duel is a classic, Hollywood cinema at it's most powerful.
    The whole film is interesting too, yes, it's the structure of "Rashomon" telling the same story three times. but it's not quite the same, it's not their "who each person tells the story" it's how each of them "thinks it happens" ,which makes the three version not…

  • Mad God

    Mad God


    A stop motion fever dream. Perhaps calling a film a "Theme park ride" isn't a bad thing? A literal descend into the darkest depths of human imagination. A dialogue-free journey across different alien apocalyptic worlds. It's overall light on plot and even that plot is surreal and doesn't really matter, come on, it's just levels and cycles of hell made up of different derivative stuff, Direct references to the original "Blade Runner" and "Space Odyssey", a collage of HR Giger,…

  • Solaris



    - This movie loves water, and reflection. And I can't blame it tbh. This time around the film feels more "fluid", not just in that motif, but it's structure and the way the camera moves, free flowing and hazy, and sometimes even annoying to the eye watching it sitting too close to a large screen.
    First time around I was wowed by how much sci Fi movies own this film, "OMG, it did Blade Runner before Blade Runner? (And goes…

  • Choose Me

    Choose Me


    "Marriage is a sacred thing"
    A hazy, Jazz filled, neon filled, drunk web of lonely night souls, looking for love and/or sex. it's a very unique film, a story of a bar owner, a radio host, and a lunatic, well, everyone here is a lunatic. It's a film that invents it's own weird rules and unique world made up of pieces of other films till it borders on self parody yet keeps it heartfelt. It works way more than something like that should ever work. and Nancy's accent is so sexy.

  • Happy End

    Happy End


    So, Yesterday I watched "Code Unknown" by Haneke and thought: the focus on multiple characters/storylines make it sometimes feel like a Haneke collage, like he uses each storyline of them to tackle one theme he likes. and then thought "Wait, wasn't that what I thought of Happy End?"
    So I rewatched Happy End after first watching it 3 years ago, and calling any of those two films a collage is a bit of a disservice to both. "Code Unknown" is…