Mainstream ★½

a movie about saying something without meaning anything that also managed to say something without meaning anything. everything about it felt very amateur and forced, attempts at being quirky and accidentally profound within mundane conversation fell flat every time. the script sucked, i couldnt really root for any of the characters bc they were so one dimensional. there were so many weird, bad stylistic choices all throughout that made absolutely zero sense outside of the films desperate attempts to seem different and new and fun while being embarrassingly out of touch with the culture it was criticizing. cringe is unfortunately the best way to describe how i felt about most of it, particularly the influencer cameos. idk how this has such a strong leading cast but i guess it helps when you have a nepotism baby for your writer/director. the one and a half stars are for the great performances from said cast bc they were obviously meant to do all the heavy lifting in terms of attracting viewers and elevating this movie from bad to okay. wantd to be spree so bad

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