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  • The Haunting

    The Haunting


    In "Best Of" horror lists, this movie consistently ranks somewhere around number 25. But I don't care what anyone says, it will always be my #1 favorite horror film. I first encountered it around 23 years ago when I worked at a mom-and-pop video store in Manhattan. I was in the midst of getting my film education from the dusty shelves full of VHS tapes. I had always been fascinated by ghost stories and had already had one of my…

  • The Prom

    The Prom


    Okay, so I'm Midwestern, a musical theatre actor, and gay, and aside from not being a teenager that pretty much makes me the target demographic for this movie. So, of course, I loved it. Was it a perfect movie? No, it has some weak moments and it can feel a bit preachy, but by and large, it was colorful, emotionally resonant, and very entertaining.

    I'm gonna go ahead and get the Corden controversy out of the way. I think it's…

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  • The Horror of Party Beach

    The Horror of Party Beach


    In lieu of a review, I've decided a Table of Contents will suffice:

    • Toxic sludge that re-animates (apparently LOTS of) underwater skeletal human remains into googly-eyed fish men.
    • Beach studs played by the most effeminate gang you've ever seen, swishing their hips and flailing their limbs more wildly than the girls while doing The Zombie Stomp.
    • Said gang then launching into the Catapulted Homosexual style of fighting.
    • 30-year-old teenage girls.
    • A REAL Slumber Party Massacre.…

  • The Bride Wore Boots

    The Bride Wore Boots


    Barbara Stanwyck has rarely been more resplendent than she is in this story of an on-again/off-again marriage that is compromised by a solicitous female who puts the moves on Barbara's husband every time he's within Barbara's sight. Too bad her radiance probably owes to trying to coerce a stodgy screenplay into a lively romantic comedy. Robert Cummings makes for a good sparring partner and their chemistry is nice. The story just needed some tweaks to make it less contrived and…

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  • Run, Simon, Run

    Run, Simon, Run


    An okay drama about an innocent Papago Indian, unjustly set up and sentenced to prison for his brother's murder, being released and hunting down the real killer. Of course, first and foremost there is the issue of Burt Reynolds portraying a Native American. Despite his claims that he had some of that heritage, Reynolds was a white man through-and-through. But right or wrong, it was common practice at the time for Hollywood stars to play those roles. It seems now…

  • 711 Ocean Drive

    711 Ocean Drive


    Before the film starts, there is a proclamation that the creators and crew were threatened by organized crime to intimidate them into not making the film. Apparently, this story was red hot at the time of filming and was a none-too-disguised take on real events that were unfolding in the crime world. The entire production was protected by law enforcement. It's an interesting story of a lowly telephone company technician who is introduced into a crime syndicate's gambling operations, providing…