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  • Riding Bean

    Riding Bean


    Had to follow up Atsushi Muroga's Score (1995) with this banger.

  • Score



    I just slap this sucker on and leave it playing in the background even if I don't understand Japanese.

    Man, I really do vibe with this movie.

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  • Underwater



    Friend: Oh hey Ronin, what did ya think of Underwater?

    Me, in the deepest and darkest depths of my mind as I finally form my opinion: It's the best Deep Fear adaptation ever.

    Friend: ...

    Me: :)

    Friend: ...

    Me: ...

    Friend: ...

    Me: ...

    Friend: ...

    Me: ...so I'm eating pizza with mushrooms tonight-

    Friend: Why are you like this.

    Me: what

    Friend: Why. Are. You. The. Way. You. Are.

    Me: haha what

    Friend: This is why we don't…

  • The Seventh Curse

    The Seventh Curse


    This movie is fucking nuts. In fact, it starts at fucking nuts and escalates from there.

    The only thing I'm disappointed in is that Chow Yun-fat isn't in it that much.