A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

I am fully aware that this was enhanced by a wonderful theater experience, but it was obvious purposeful. A Quiet Place demands the theater to be, well the title sums it up. If you can check it in a packed audience I would highly recommend it just for how the audience goes along with the premise.
John Krasinski has yet to star in an amazing role, and he finally decided that the only way he could is if he directed himself. Which he does a great job with. The film is shot quiet well, and the camerawork is actually quite spectacular. For a film made for 17 mil it definitely doesn't look it, especially in the effects department. The creature design is lots of fun, and works really well to amp up the suspense, which was kind of a make or break for this film.
As mentioned John Krasinki is great in his lead role, but he isn't the bright spot. Emily Blunt is wonderful as well, showing a lot of great emotional range, but she also isn't the one who stole the show. Both the children that star in the movie are fantastic, somehow we are in the best generation for child actors! It is important to remember that these kids don't even really have much to work off that is actually there in front of them, and they completely sell the fear in this film.
What could have definitely turned out to be a complete gimmick actually turned out really fun. Also this film flies by, literally it felt about 60 minutes long. Some might say that the story gets repetitive, but I think they keep it interesting the whole way through.
A Quiet Place is a wonderful surprise and I hope everyone can check it out in the cinema.
Low 8

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