After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

I think what makes this movie so special is that Scorsese knows that every person loves to talk about their own bad life experiences, making fun and quirky anecdotes out of annoying situations involving moronic people who just won’t let you be. The scene that best exemplifies the anecdotal energy of this film is when Paul goes on a rant to a random cruiser who lets him use his phone; the average person can’t comprehend the level of stupidity of your own anecdotes no matter how much energy you express them with. You are your own only witness held in disbelief. That’s what makes After Hours so splendid: you’re privy to a man’s worst night of his life, a night he’ll recount, and laugh back at, at many dinner tables for the rest of his life. For an hour and thirty seven minutes you’re present at the uncomfortable yet funny events of that night and you get to understand just what those anecdotes of those worst nights mean to people who love to tell them, like you do yourself. It’s human nature.

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