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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Part of my Letterboxd Season Challenge

    I would have liked this more but unfortunately it caused the destruction of my family for my time being due to the idiot brother of mine who screwed up big time now. Basically what happened is we had many fights first fight was based on the vase because they didn’t know what it meant and I said no point in explaining it to idiots and they got mad.

    So I stormed outta the house…

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    Part of my Letterboxd Season Challenge

    This film is awesome because I love the relationship between the two boys gone on strike. Of course most especially the younger boy who reminds me of my own younger brother who also does the hand gesture from this movie.

    The hand gestures started when I was six and he was two and have continued for all of the past three years. He’s now five but still does it. At first I thought maybe therapy…

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  • Dumbo



    I think it’s fine but the irony is not lost on me that this is a movie that promotes moral decisions > corporate greed, which is something Disney has very absolutely no experience in.

  • The Peanut Butter Falcon

    The Peanut Butter Falcon


    Watched this with fam liked it more then them so whatever second time seeing it essay