No Time to Die

No Time to Die ½


What in the actual fuck? Never knew a Bond movie should go for 3 hours we might as well throw Lawrence of Arabia out there.

The storyline didn’t make any sense. We don’t give a fuck about backstories and universes and two 007’s and Bond’s kid?

We wanna see “Classic Bond” aka keeping it simple, get the suits going, exotic locations (not studio set/CGI location), tits, ass, guns, Jim Beam, approximately 90 minutes, etc. There wasn’t enough of that stuff. It was too “family friendly”.

Ana De Armas should have got her tits out more. There were a couple of nip slips but not good enough really.

Daniel Craig is the worst James Bond acting now in the worst James Bond film ever.

Hans Zimmer on the score?

A new progressive/me too James Bond? (Despite the fact that the new black chick immediately rescinds her 007 title after apparently fighting hard for it, having absolutely zero action scenes utilising her physical strength, and consistently disappearing when “the going gets tough” or when there’s an Action scene).

It’s all a myth. It’s still racist and mysogonist. But it’s always been that and that wasn’t the problem.

Problem was no story, too long, bad CGI, bad acting, miscast, plot holes, awful theme/credit design, etc.

Daniel Craig now cares about being James Bond after wanting to slit his wrists previously.

“I love you” (James Bond, 2021).

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