70mm - October 2021

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Friends, if you aren't caught up yet on the podcast, for October we're spotlighting some Horror jams. I know, what a crazy idea!

To kick off the month, Danny chose THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Our overall thoughts may shock and repulse you. Next up, Slim chose a a movie near and near to his heart, one he feels is often misunderstood: THE BABADOOK. Then Proto pulled a fast one on us with the classic comedy horror AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS.

Also voting returned for our Patrons! And SUSPIRIA narrowly beat out THEY LIVE for the last movie of the month. Last but not least, we released a special bonus double feature episode talking about the new HALLOWEEN + HALLOWEEN KILLS. We settle the score.

As always, you buy prints of Danny's artwork and listen along using the links on 70mmpod.com. Maybe even join the VHS Village Discord over at our Patreon? Don't forget about our special Labor Day episode, National Lampoon's Vacation.