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  • Tomboy
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  • American Honey
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  • Creed III

  • The World's End

  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

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  • Something Wild

    Something Wild

    Listen, if we start from a place of REASONABLE, and they start from a place of CRAZY, when we settle, we’ll be somewhere between REASONABLE and CRAZY.

  • Ordinary People

    Ordinary People

    I’m tired of motherfuckers in school telling me, always in the film school, “Donald Sutherland ain’t bout this, Donald Sutherland ain’t bout that. My boy a BD on fucking Lamron and them,” they say, “don’t be - nigga putting on no work,” SHUT THE FUCK UP! Y'all niggas ain’t know shit! All ya motherfuckers talkin’ about, “Donald Sutherland ain’t no hitta, Donald Sutherland ain’t this, Donald Sutherland a fake,” SHUT THE FUCK UP. Y'all don’t live with that nigga. Y'all…

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  • Creed III

    Creed III

    Adonis Creed listens to J Cole doing squats and calf stretches
    Dame Anderson listens to 50 Cent punching concrete walls
    Built different.

    (michael b jordan just opened up wild possibilities for the boxing genre as a whole which is pretty damn cool)

  • The World's End

    The World's End

    The most infuriating part of this movie is that for the first 25 minutes, it genuinely makes me give a fuck about these characters and very intrigued by the possibilities of how their dynamic will be explored for the rest of the film. Because none of that ends up mattering, and the first act really just ends up doing a terrible job of actually setting up any of the themes Wright/Pegg really wanting to explore with “machines ruining our society”…

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  • Dear John

    Dear John

    Dear John,



  • Dark Shadows

    Dark Shadows

    this wants to be a movie so bad omg