Possessor ★★★★

Pure insanity.

This movie manages to do it all. It's a bonkers insane crazy bloodbath that is constantly gruesome and violent, so much so that it never fails to shock you even by the end. The colors, lighting, and editing constantly fucking shock you to your core, the film is always screaming at you and never holding back. The sound is loud, abrasive, and even experimental at times with its approaches to immerse the audience into the horrors of what they see.

Yet, the piece manages to still be ruminative. For as much as the film is all those things above, there are the moments where the true horror comes from simple, little human interactions. You never lose sight of exactly what Brandon Cronenberg is trying to say about what it means to be human, and how our skin and bones are all just padding, yet at the same time it's almost the only way that we can actually see each other.

I think this is stronger than almost every David Cronenberg film I've ever seen, and if this is only his second film, then we're totally fucked moving forward.

I love everything about this movie.

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