i turn to this app when twitter has lied to me about the quality of a film.

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  • Kajillionaire



    what if we kissed in the middle of my ransacked apartment that your parents robbed while we were sleeping?

  • Maurice



    this film was beautiful and heart wrenching. it reminded me of tender touches in secret, the smell of nature in open trails and stolen glances across a crowded room. because for maurice and clive, that’s as much as affection they could spare without risking their lives. this film wasn’t perfect by any means, but there was definitely comfort in the sadness. i hope maurice received the love from alec that he deserves to have with clive and that clive was able to break from his marriage of necessity in order to experience the raw emotions of love

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  • Promare



    amazing work, really wonderful. however why did galo kiss lio for so long? is he gay or something?

  • Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing


    my grandfather could dance better than her and he’s dead. when he was alive he only had one leg. i wanted to punch everyone in this film, but especially abigail breslin.