Dunkirk ★★★★★

it’s the middle of the 1940s, the air is cold and the breeze from the ocean wraps a tight mask around my face, stiffening my features. Everyone is silent but it is also very loud, the waves crashing, the distant fire of large weaponry, men shuffling on the sand one foot to the other then back again, moments pass and the beating of my own heart pulsing cold ice of anxiety stabbing needles within my body, in my veins. The sounds it’s all too much now caving into my own head, the uncertainty of the future, of my future has my heart rocking back and forth. It’s helpless it’s all helpless.  

And that’s what I got within five minutes of the film, don’t let me get started on the rest.
The sound effects, the crispness of the footage making, I’m sure, all cinematographer simoultaneously whip out their half used cigarettes in the middle of an afternoon on a Monday sigh in aspiration. The actors, hell they made me, I, a 23 year old mixed gal feel like some 20 yr old white boy trapped with his fellow brethrens of war hug each other for dear life. Fuck me, what a film. What a life experience.

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