Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★½

Compared to the reviews is not that bad.its 
Just not well executed.

Ofc men are bad and they’re my worst nightmare too,but this is not exactly  a “good for her” representation.again,not well anya tho.

I personally love the songs and the cinematography.but the men shadows thing kinda “pushy” and weird.again i love anya,when she’s dancing i just wanna get high.

I agree w the last 60 minutes kinda boring bc it’s just the main character figuring things on her own with loud sfx and we don’t get to “figure things” w her. The real plot is real bad,I actually predicted it.But the lindsay plot which is not the main plot is actually unexpected.pretty good thrills but not mindfuck enough.the ending is pretty bland.

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