Lamb ★★½

Hollow indie-horror aesthetic with nothing to say. For a while, I thought it was a satire mocking A24 films; the gimmick is incredibly goofy, yet the director seems to take it very seriously and has next to nothing to say about it. The lead characters are uninteresting and as thin as the script. I'm not given any reason to care for the characters (who don't talk for like 20 minutes), and for a time, I'm more inclined to side with the brother, Petur, because at least he has notable aspects of his personality and seems to know that he's in a comedy. Petur asks at one point, "What the fuck is this?" Exactly Petur. No escalating conflict or clear narrative or thematic thread makes 90 minutes feel like 2.5 hours. There are some truly baffling creative choices at the end, but I had long given up on this movie by then. One of those movies that thinks it's smart but ultimately makes me feel dumber for having seen it. Nice cinematography I guess.

Misc Thoughts & my alternate ending (SPOILERS, obviously)
- The trailer for this is incredibly misleading. Wouldn't have watched this if my film class hadn't voted for it over Reichardt's Certain Women and I'm certain it was the trailer set to "God Only Knows" that sold them. The power of marketing is real.
- So far I'm 0/2 on enjoying films titled after animals you find on a farm
- There's a scene toward the end of Act 2 that reveals the theme pretty clearly and its placement feels super clunky. Like in case you didn't figure out what we're trying to say because we've been too subtle, let me bash you over the head with it. Feels like it should've been set up in Act 1 (as you are traditionally supposed to) or not included at all.
- There's a shot of a framed picture of sheep that is filmed like the final shot of The Shining and I lost it. So unintentionally funny.
- The family dance scene is the highlight of the movie. Wish they played with the music video bit more.
- My alternate ending (SPOILERS): Maria cradles Ingvar as he bleeds out. She pleads with him, asking a million questions between sobs: What happened? Where is Ada? Ingvar tries to say something but he coughs up some blood. He struggles to clear his throat. He gestures for Maria to come closer. He makes out his final words: "You will never believe what I just saw." Cut to black.

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