Enemy ★★★★★

Enemy is one of if not the most haunting films I’ve seen and in all the right ways. It’s not dark simply to be disturbing—rather, Denis shows us just enough to completely unsettle us, ultimately facing us with the question we all must grapple with. Gylenhaal does a masterful job, playing two different personas, Sarah Gadon is such a joy to witness as usual, and I can’t give enough praise to the crew: Javier Gullon who adapted Jose Saramago’s book, Nicolas Bolduc’s yellowy, hazy, lucid cinematography, Patrice Vermette’s production design and Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans tragic operatic composition. Together they all create a grounded yet surreal world. While Denis’s adaption is disturbing it doesn’t make you feel bad like so many other films—and if it does make you feel bad that’s a good thing—it’s challenging—enemy makes you think about the enemy within yourself. This truly is one of Denis’s best films and one of my favorites.

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