Midsommar ★★★

despite not being as wild about this one as Hereditary the first time I saw it, I’ll totally admit that I’ve thought about it just as often— constantly reading other reviews, tweets, thought pieces, and just thinking “ok— I REALLY wanna see this again”

I got it on Blu-Ray without hesitation— and after a second watch months later... yeeeah I gotta say I still just REALLY don’t know how I feel about this one

I’ll admit I thiiink I’m willing to bump it up to a 4 for the sheer craft, Florence Pugh’s should’ve-won-an-Oscar performance, and the surrealness of it (in hindsight I’d probably be willing to give Us the same for pretty much the exact same reasons— how have I not watched THAT one again?) but I swear I’m not willing to go higher than that (where as Hereditary I’m fully confident in giving a 5 to: flaws and all) (just don’t be surprised if this gets bumped down to a 3.5 again later) (who knows? maybe I’m just genuinely UNCOMFORTABLE with the idea of giving an Ari Aster film lower than a 4)

I feel like rewatching this film’s a double-edged sword

on the one hand: you actually know where the film is going this time around and so you can more thoroughly appreciate aspects such as the buildup to the moments of horror, the iconic visuals (I swear Aster’s just got an eye for fucked up shit that sticks in your brain), the characterizations, and foreshadowing

on the other hand: the film’s flaws really stand out a lot more— the pacing’s incredibly slow (this movie did NOT need to be as long as it did: I can’t even imagine how the director’s cut feels), the only strong characterizations are from Dani and Christian, and the film really does just sort of feel like a collection of cool yet disparate ideas Aster had for a horror film (unlike— and again I’m sorry— Hereditary, which has a much more solid through-line of a narrative)

to me: the whole thing feels like a movie that starts out strong, fucks around for over an hour, and then kinda gets its shit back together at the end— the ending is highly visceral and almost cathartic in a way (more on that later), but it doesn’t feel entirely earned to me? like I know there doesn’t HAVE to be some big cathartic moment of release where Dani just lets Christian have it for being an abusive boyfriend (a la Hereditary), but I feel like we need SOMETHING because— again— the two lead characters are just running on autopilot for like a solid CHUNK of the last act of the film and that’s inherently unsatisfying— which, who knows, with Aster May be be point, but I’ll still attest that it’s unsatisfying as a viewer nonetheless

I think it’s a film that I really like and enjoy watching— but more so WITH its flaws in mind, rather than IN SPITE OF them as with Hereditary

PS— I think it’s interesting that there’s been some discourse lately over if we should truly feel “happy” for Dani at the end— where she’s finally free from her abusive boyfriend, while essentially trading one form of entrapment for another— right? I’ll admit that stuff like that is why I love the film and’ll probably always view it an overall positive light

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