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  • Clueless



    As if.

  • The Blackcoat's Daughter

    The Blackcoat's Daughter


    That score had me quivering. This was a great horror film about mental health and superstition. About being aware you're slipping away whilst still not quite realising it. About coming to terms with trauma and dealing with the darkness. Some great performances and mesmerising staring - as in looking really intently into the nothingness.

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  • The Nights of Zayandeh-rood

    The Nights of Zayandeh-rood


    (Mute, due to censorship)

  • Re-Animator



    Hoop-Tober 5.0 Film #2 of 34.

    My list is here.

    This is my second Hoop-tober entry and both that I've seen so far (this and Halloween) have made me want to watch the sequels straight away. I'm going to hold off for now, but I'm definitely going to get around to them. I just can't believe I haven't gotten around to these until now.

    This was such a good time. I like that they injected (see what I did there)…