Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

One hell of a good ride! I continue to be impressed with how well this film manages to balance everything it sets out to do. It has all the Spider-man action I’m looking for, has one of the most enigmatic and compelling villains in the MCU thus far and features a story that is fast-paced, clever and well tied in to everything that has come thus far. Obviously it falters here and there in a scene or two with over explaining a few plot points and gets a bit jumbled, but if you’re on board the MCU train, you’re not going to complain too much. I love the road-trip angle the film takes showcasing some beautiful European backdrops. The characters are so easy to get behind and root for. I’m 100% invested in Peter and MJ’s relationship because Tom Holland and Zendaya together is magic in a bottle. I just overall enjoy it so much. That Mysterio illusion scene in the construction yard is in my Top 5 MCU moments of all time! The train of success really could’ve stopped at Endgame, but there’s still plenty of great territory left to see and I along with millions of others, ain’t getting of this train till we have to.

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