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  • The Hoff Twins

    The Hoff Twins


    I started off like fuck this is depressing these guys are awful and quickly shifted to oh this is a nice little community they got, whatever, they seem like they found their spot in this crazy world so good for them. I’m rooting for them. It is very Harmony Korine but more wholesome. 
    “They both spend $100 a day on liquor and tobacco”
    Long beat. 
    “ ….I love them”

    It’s 17 minutes on YouTube so just watch it, that penis pump unboxing video can wait.

  • Stranger



    Great, quirky hidden V-Cinema gem here. 
    I always wonder with these woman being stalked movies (especially seeing this so close to Who Killed Teddy Bear?) when there’s a pushy male character or 2 (or in WKTB? Jan Murray and an ambiguously gay predatory Elaine Stritch) what the filmmakers are saying there? That like yes psychos are probably going to men (or those immoral gays) but there are good guys (gays) out there who just want to help you out for…

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  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

    Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution


    Fuck Tiger King, this is currently the best thing on Netflix. I know that sounds like faint praise but it’s not. This is wonderful and in my benevolent dictatorship would be mandatory viewing. As a special education teacher I’m acutely aware of the challenges differently-abled people face and I’m aware of how hard many of them work to overcome these challenges. To see how all of this came to be and the persistence of so many individuals above and beyond what…

  • Mare of Easttown

    Mare of Easttown


    I know maybe this was shooting for Shakespearean tragedy small community characters all intertwined Lynchian horrific nebulous danger of what lurks beneath the facade of the “normal” human and all but the True Detectiving of serious modern dramas needs to cool it. Everything is so dark and grey and tan and miserable and ugly. And so personality-less. I don’t mind ugly cruel things but at least be eccentric or make some oddball choices or cast interesting people? Kate Winslet is…