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This review may contain spoilers.

This started with promise, I was totally on board for the first half hour. The atmosphere, style and tone were right on. I’m a sucker for 70’s German film and this nailed the look for the most part. Then it starts to repeat itself with image montages that fall somewhere between Twin Peaks and The Ring (though not as interesting as that sounds), bland, forgettable and yet somehow also obnoxious Thom Yorke songs, a CGI rainbow blob, then more interpretive dancing, then the “zombies” are introduced (and they look terrible), historical and political symbols clumsily shoehorned, another dance puppet possession. It finally completely lost me in a scene that I imagine was supposed to be a psychotronic setpiece intended to blow minds but I found aesthetically abhorrent. Gushes of digital blood, more floating CGI bloblight, more Thom Yorke caterwauling, some really poorly conceived shots that seem plucked out of a CW show about WWII. The Tilda Swinton Cenobite/Brian Yuzna-like creature is the only compelling component in the whole mess of a scene. I was laughing aloud but inside I was crying at the 2 hours I had already sunk into this dog. It reeks of the same kind of desperate faux-intellectualism of mother! Another self-important movie that lazily slaps symbols onto everything in lieu of writing any interesting dialogue, fleshing out characters, developing cohesive themes or drawing any satisfactory historical parallels while simultaneously trying to “slum it” in genre madness territory and fails to succeed on that front, as well. This was dreadful crap all around.

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