“Back to the movies” - Tom Cruise in that video where he goes to see Tenet

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  • Good Will Hunting
  • Back to the Future
  • Boogie Nights
  • Everybody Wants Some!!

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  • Poison

  • Fair Play

  • The Rat Catcher

  • The Creator

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  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    Genuinely hard to believe anyone has ever seen this and given it any less than 5 stars

  • Babylon



    In 10 years when everyone looks back and calls this a masterpiece I want to use this as a document to show I was here from the beginning. Unfuckingbelievable!

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  • Fair Play

    Fair Play

    Intense, stressful, and very dark. I’m finding that I really enjoy movies that explore power dynamics. It’s just a really compelling topic that can be examined against so many backdrops and always be interesting.

    This is very well made and does a great job of ratcheting up that tension. It has a sort of throwback feel to it in some ways, while also having that Industry feel people have been noting. 

    I’ve known of Phoebe Dynevor for a few years,…

  • The Creator

    The Creator

    Was really locked in with this. Story hits a lot of familiar beats, but it worked for me because they’re still great beats. It looks gorgeous and has a bunch of breath taking set pieces. I’m a fan of JDW and dug his performance here. Original, big budget sci-fi filmmaking that is made for the theater. Let’s start giving more filmmakers this kind of opportunity in every genre please

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  • Yellow


    Shoutout to the fellow Mike Faist Fan Club members

  • Barbie



    Greta!! GRETAAAAA!!!! 3 for 3!!! She does not miss!

    This was exactly what it needed to be and Gerwig executed it to perfection. There’s no shying away from anything here and I love that she fully went for it every step of the way (though I never doubted she would). America Ferrera’s monologue in particular stands out. There’s a lot of heart and laughs as expected, but what surprised me was just how funny this was. I haven’t laughed this…