The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

I'm sorry but you just can't ignore all the flaws the movie has, the first of them be the lack of characterization of the characters. They just appear and do stuff to make the story evolve and be interesting and weird, but they never explain why and I think it's because they're just functional to the narration. They are not human with reasons and emotions, they are just points of a story that was born before them.

I'm especially talking about the characters belonging to the first act, but this can also be applied to some of the second act. At first I thought maybe they're just secondary characters but nope, they are in for more than 45 minutes. In particular, Harry Melling's character has no motivation nor depth. We know he's a religious fanatic but why and in what his obsession consist of? We'll never find out because his only job was to create a certain event and then disappear.

So yeah, the story was intriguing and I liked the sort of narration cycle wich repeats itself through the years, with the same brother-sister relationship, the same actions of violence exc, I just hoped the characters would have been you know... real.

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