• Camp Blood 4

    Camp Blood 4


    i've seen some not real movies in my time but this is the most not a real movie

  • Girl/Girl Scene: The Movie

    Girl/Girl Scene: The Movie


    my new comfort film <3

  • A Talking Cat!?!

    A Talking Cat!?!


    So I quite enjoyed this when I'd first seen it years ago, probably not too long after it came out, mostly as a lolcow but i thought it had a hint of genuine charm as well. Obviously the very low budget, lack of locations, excessive stock music, nearly non-existent stakes, probably shot on a DSLR, drunk Eric Roberts recording his lines into a tin can and of course the talking cat effect make it a prime candidate for mockery and…

  • Baby Face

    Baby Face


    Lily Powers did nothing wrong.

  • The First Movie on the Internet: Volumes [A] [B] [C] [D]

    The First Movie on the Internet: Volumes [A] [B] [C] [D]


    This shit killed me but Vengeance for the Dead awaits, and is occurring, and has long since passed.

  • Monos



    The first half-hour should have been the whole movie.

  • Shift



    I never really considered experimental film works from the early tape years but after seeing this I should really correct that. I get the feeling that Matsumoto really has a strong idea in place before shooting these pieces but nothing so rigid that there's no room to find stuff in the editing room. The concept is boldly defined but there's still fun and a whimsical freedom to the editing that really makes this enjoyable.

  • Lemon



    Total eclipse of the lemon.

  • The Cat of the Worm's Green Realm

    The Cat of the Worm's Green Realm


    Playing with focus, zoom and lighting to take ordinary subjects and create breathtaking new imagery is one of my favourite Brakhage-isms and this film is mostly that. Lovely.

  • Mechanical Principles

    Mechanical Principles


    This thing is masterfully composed and oddly comedic.

  • Donkey Skin

    Donkey Skin


    An amazingly fun film with wonderful sets and great editing gags throughout. This film makes me really, really happy.

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    This was dumb and pretty much everything that happened was dumb.