Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★★½

an incredibly chilling, verisimilitude and existential mockumentary horror. Filled with fantastically authentic and raw performances, unsettling and bare boned direction, detailing an unembellished picture of one family’s grief over the loss of a sister and a daughter as well as the painful road to closure in horrifyingly real fashion. A patient, slow burner, however one that hardly ever lets you out of its grasp, suffocating you with its discomposing realism until you can barely breathe. Not an inherently “scary” film in the typical sense of the word but a film that disturbs you not only in the moment but long after as well, crawling under your skin and unnerving every bone in your body until your completely petrified. Cant say i’m a massive believer in the paranormal, but this film made me never want to be proven wrong.