Persona ★★★★★

Ingmar Bergman’s Persona gave me a feeling like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, I felt as if I had been put in a trans, hypnotizing me using its morbid and subliminal imagery, ensnaring me with its alluring and stimulating dialogue, leaving me with so much to ruminate my mind over, yet still feeling like I’ll never even scratch the surface of what Bergman is trying to get across, tackling identity and duality in the most psychedelic, hallucinatory and well... Bergman way possible. The way he uses the camera, acting and sound gives it such an intimate and personal feeling, while also confronting themes so much bigger than the picture itself. As I watch more movies, I find myself becoming increasingly difficult to please when it comes to film, so when something comes along and makes me feel like I’m seeing pictures move for the very first time, I take notice. A truly culture changing experience that I don’t think will ever truly sink in.