Ran ★★★★★

so huge and overwhelming to the point where it’s crazy to believe this thing exists. an existential epic of a film, somehow managing to find beauty in a story fuelled by hatred and deceit. a poignant exploration of the idiocy of war and how greed and the unquenchable hunger for power forces a family to crumble. while being so colossal in scope kurosawa manages to make it feel personal and intimate. there’s so much of himself in ran, as he himself was in the later years of his own life, he was being confronted by his own mortality, he was losing his eye sight and had attempted suicide a few years prior. in my opinion the film is just as much about war as it is about an old man’s pride and decay. it’s visually stunning, never have i seen colour used in such a way before. the battle sequences are so refined and masterfully filmed. using only static cameras to film the action, inter-splicing between them, not darting or whirling as if we’re encouraged to think of ourselves as gods looking down upon the bloodshed more so than being made to feel like a participant. one of the most remarkable achievements in all of cinema.

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