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  • Midsommar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I wasn't as blown away by Hereditary as some people but I liked it well enough to look forward to this follow up. I became more excited when I heard that it was going to focus on Folk Horror and that it would star Florence Pugh, who was amazing in Lady Macbeth. After the trailer dropped and buzz started online, I could hardly wait to see it in the cinema.

    Does it live up the hype? I thought it was…

  • Climax



    An opening audition scene contains a pile of videos that includes (among others) Salo, Possession, Un Chien Andalou and Suspiria, so I knew straight away that this film was aimed at me.

    Like the recent Suspria remake (which I also really liked), this focuses on the pain and physicality of dancing. The original Argento film (which contained very little dancing) has a thin plot designed to move quickly between elaborate set pieces, but the remake filled in the gaps with…

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  • Gladiator



    Ridley Scott Mad Maxed up history to create a fantasy epic that is part Oscar bait and part genre romp.

  • Commando



    There are lots of better action movies (even Arnie has atleast 4 that are superior) but if I had to pick the ultimate 80s actioner- I would have to go fo this. It has all of the cliches of the genre (presented with an almost knowing wink) and it ends with one of the most homoerotic fights of all time. Everything is building up to Matrix and Bennetts final battle and as it progresses, Arnie becomes more oiled and naked…

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  • Joker



    I don't understand how this film has generated so much controversy. The transformation fantasy has been a staple of both literature and cinema throughout history, especially in the guise of an antihero (see most superhero films, action movies and gothic horrors). Toxic fandom has crept into almost all of popular culture (although DC seems to have a particularly big problem).

    Joker isn't anything new or special, but it is a very entertaining genre film that is well acted, well shot…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    It is interesting that the most critically mauled Von Trier films are the two closest to being horror movies. Maybe it is the lack of an emotional core compared to, for example, Breaking The Waves? At no point here are you invited to identify with any of the victims.

    What is Von Trier trying to say? That is easier to make art through destruction than by creation? If so, he (probably deliberately) undermines this in later scenes that show Jack…