The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

Absorbing and emotional. A film that tries to define a feeling we can't explain - an intuition of sorts based on experiences we never had. Kieslowski explains very little yet enough to keep the viewer completely engaged. The film is lean but dense and always beautiful. Man is this film pretty. The gold, emerald and ruby colors that define an almost fantasy world - the film employs a yellow filter and then colors are meticulously chosen to fit the aesthetic. This film is the anti-Dekalog V - that film was purposely ugly, this one purposely beautiful (same cinematographer Sławomir Idziak on both). Irene Jacob is so damn good here - really looking forward to 'Three Colors: Red' now.

I love films like this, that don't feel the need to explain everything, that leave things unsaid and left to the interpretation of the viewer. The film is ambiguous, but not frustratingly so. It's probably why I'm drawn to films by Lynch or something like Gozu by Miike. Sometimes, the less said the better. Once things are explained they come crashing back down to earth and lose their magic. It's telling that Harvey Weinstein couldn't live with the end of this film the way it was - he needed those extra four shots that add nothing and take away the ambiguous nature of the final minute or so. I relish films like this - I find I think about them far more than most other films I watch. Ambiguity stick with you, it haunts or enchants - this film enchants.

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