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  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction


    As expected, a masterpiece. Tarantino truly never fails to impress! 
    It’s honestly one of the most essential independent movies to ever be made. It has turned the face of modern cinema with it's timeless, fun, catchy, and interesting characters and plot. 
    The storyline may seem unclear to some people, judging by some reviews I’ve read before watching the movie.. It’s a nonlinear narrative which explains people’s confusion. It was still very interesting to me though. Speaking of, I love how it…

  • Instant Family

    Instant Family


    Surprisingly really good! Before watching instant family I was expecting a typical American family knockabout comedy.. well, I was wrong! It was so entertaining, heartwarming, funny, sweet, and realistic. Shifts between sad realities and funny incidents kept taking place at the right timing! Whenever I found myself about to shed a tear, a funny scene comes up and I just start laugh-crying. 

    This movie talks about a couple (Pete and Elli) who decided to start a family. They chose adoption and were expecting…

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  • In the Shadow of the Moon

    In the Shadow of the Moon


    First half of the movie was very thrilling and intriguing, the other half however was quite disappointing and confusing, for a number of reason that I’ll get into. When I chose this movie I was excpecting a sci-fi thriller which is what I got in the beginning, the rest was just political propaganda.. it was a good movie if not for the political message. I’m here for sci-fi, give me it! Another reason I didn’t enjoy this movie as much…