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  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks


    On the Rocks is a major let down from director Sofia Coppola. The film is definitely light-hearted, enjoyable and a bit of fun, but this isn’t enough to save it from being one of her worst films yet. Coppola is known for focusing on the lives of the rich, but usually imbues her stories with an emotional centre or approaches significant themes that connects with your own insecurities and experiences. On the Rocks is littered with excessively rich people who…

  • Over the Garden Wall

    Over the Garden Wall


    Nothing encapsulates autumn as much as Over the Garden Wall does. The colour palette, the Halloween setting, and creepy creatures all mesh together to create a perfectly spooky image of the season. Over the Garden Wall is a Cartoon Network mini-series in which Wirt (Elijah Wood), Greg (Collin Dean) and their newfound frog jump over a graveyard wall and end up lost in a mysterious place called The Unknown. During their attempt to find their way back home, they meet…

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  • Rebecca



    Can everyone crawl out of Hitchcock's dead ass and recognise this is a Du Maurier adaptation and not a Hitchcock remake

  • The Craft

    The Craft


    Every year, without fail, The Craft is always one of the first films I watch over the Halloween season. From the aggressively 1990s aesthetics to the witchy plot, this film ticks all of the boxes for what I’m looking for in a spooky movie. What is even better is the films awareness of the negative impacts of toxic friendships and the validity of teen problems.

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