Over the Garden Wall ★★★★★

Nothing encapsulates autumn as much as Over the Garden Wall does. The colour palette, the Halloween setting, and creepy creatures all mesh together to create a perfectly spooky image of the season. Over the Garden Wall is a Cartoon Network mini-series in which Wirt (Elijah Wood), Greg (Collin Dean) and their newfound frog jump over a graveyard wall and end up lost in a mysterious place called The Unknown. During their attempt to find their way back home, they meet Beatrice (Melanie Lynskey) the bluebird who promises to help them find their way home by taking them to Adelaide of the pasture (John Cleese). Following Beatrice’s advice, the two meet many unusual characters who all warn them about an evil being called The Beast (Samuel Ramey). The two brothers must stay hopeful and get home before The Beast catches them.

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