Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★½

“perhaps you might even picture Toto!”

with such a hyper fixation on retelling a true American classic through the unique lens in which Lynch was already starting to flex, Wild At Heart seems almost too focused on assuring the viewer the Wizard of Oz is inspiration behind the wild world we experience throughout this. the nuance carried after this; whether looking at Twin Peaks or thinking of films like Lost Highway or Mulholland Drive manage to merge the unreal and sanity of these experiences no matter how detached the experience itself feels. the performances throughout have so much charisma and spark, yet the story itself never paralleled or feels truly in its element when alls said and done. come the second half especially, you get some of the best performances and weakest moments in his filmography overall. when you’re talking such big directors with such archaic namesakes, of course even their “worst” film is still good - but this one even upon revisiting just isn’t sparking for me.

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