The Beguiled ★★★★

Okay, but do you motherfuckers remember when Colin Farrell threw a turtle??

In THE BEGUILED, Sofia Coppola writes and directs an airtight Southern Gothic narrative about fragile masculinity and gender politics, teeming with subtext and sexuality. It's awesome.

What Coppola manages to do with 90 minutes is what most filmmakers wish to do with the entirety of their careers, and she does it effortlessly. Not only is her film solid as hell, it's hysterical and a blast to watch with a packed house. I think these are great performances all around, but the only two who are ever truly utilized are Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Kidman. Everyone else gets shafted. Lord know they're trying, though.

This score is impeccable, lush ambience and vibrant strings coming together in such a majestic manner. The costume and production design here is ornate beyond belief and masterful. On a technical level, this just might be Coppola's strongest.

Which makes me even more frustrated that the ending just sort of happens. It deflates in a way that left more to be desired. Nothing another 10 minutes or so couldn't solve.

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