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  • Parasite



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    There’s only one moment in the film where any of the Kims express compassion for somebody outside of their immediate family group. In the scene where the Kims are drinking in the living room of the Park house, free to let it rip with the Parks away on a camping trip, Ki-daek brings up the driver whose job he has stolen. He reassures himself that the driver must have found another job. Ki-jung, his daughter, groans that they…

  • Stranger on the Third Floor

    Stranger on the Third Floor


    It's really, really basic and the acting is pretty bad, but there are some cool visuals and it's interesting if you are doing a run through of noir to see the beginnings of it. I wouldn't even call it an early noir, more like an immediate progenitor to it.

    Probably pretty creative for the context it was released in, and the structure of the film still is, but that's all I really got. Worth taking a look at if you're interested in the period and style.