Midsommar ★★★★½

I made the abbhorently moronic decision of taking a group of friends that I’ve only known for two weeks (just moved into college) to see this movie with me. Throughout the week I’d offered anyone who has seen Hereditary to join me, as having seen Hereditary most people would expect a horror film more demented than your typical summer spookfest. I decided to hold a minor screening of Hereditary among friends who hadn’t seen it just to let them know what to expect. They loved Hereditary, and were eager to see more. A few more people decided to see the film with us, and plans were set. Seven of us were headed to see Midsommar, and I had already warned everyone about the potential content of the film. All was well.

So I thought. 

     From the opening of the film, my friends were loving it. Sure aspects of it were dark and upsetting off the bat, but the film’s comedy curbed most of the discomfort among my unsuspecting friends. Until the shot of the sheet of canvas illustrating the ritual that Maya would later take part in, that was when I realized I had made a massive mistake. This film wasn’t playing, and it sure as fuck wasn’t Hereditary. Bringing them was a mistake, but I couldn’t turn back now. We could only await the roller coaster within the mind of a broken Ari Aster. 
      When the climax rolled around, it very quickly went from “Don’t worry, we know what we’re getting into” to “Matt what the fuck is wrong with you.” Most of my friends covered their eyes at the hands of the cursed images before them. Nonetheless nothing would alleviate the dread we shared, and that they were forced to experience with me, but finally it had ended. 
      I wasn’t held accountable for the work of Ari Aster because I had given them fair warning about the potential content of the film, but this is a moment that will never be shaken from me. I will carry Midsommar with me all through college, this film will be a stain on my youth. Behind the flames of my disturbed and violated friends, however I can only smile. I made an irreversible choice, and as a result, will live on reborn as the May Queen. 

Ari Aster, why have you forsaken me? 
Thank you.